Oct 27 2016

Microsoft Surface Studio

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I have to post this advertisement:

The future called. It wants its Apple killer back.


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Oct 11 2016

Gears Of War 4 (Ultimate Edition, Xbox One)

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I’ve received the Ultimate Edition of Gears Of War 4 for Xbox One last Saturday and finished the single player campaign in seven hours or so.

I don’t play online and I don’t participate in multi-player sessions, so the short campaign of Gears Of War 4 Ultimate Edition was a rather expensive and disappointing experience — I spent 90 bucks to get this game which in return only gave me a bit more than seven hours of game play. The “story” ended abruptly and unfinished and was a total let down – to a point where it somehow pissed me off.

GoW4 could have been a platform seller for the Xbox One. Until Act 5 of the game, it really felt like everything owners of this console have been waiting for since the console was launched three years ago, and for a couple of hours there it really looked as if GoW4 was finally delivering on all the next generation promises.

In its own way, GoW4 looks almost as gorgeous as Uncharted 4 for PS4, which was the first real platform seller for the PS4 in my opinion, and GoW4 could have been the platform seller for the Xbox One. But with a campaign that ends somewhere in the middle of the story – and in the middle of the action – that just won’t fly.

Until the abrupt ending, GoW4 was actually awesome, fun, and everything you’d expect from a new member of the Gears family. They just killed it by not giving the campaign the length it needed and deserved.

Wait to buy the game until it’s on sale somewhere – don’t pay the full price for it. You will feel cheated and ripped off.

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