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Jun 19 2020

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: A long and great vacation in Ancient Greece

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The Internet is full of reviews of this game, so I don’t have to write a detailed review here. I’m playing this game on Xbox One X, and it really is a show case for the hardware, as well I am playing online gambling and I found that the from is very useful.

There are two negative things people keep mentioning about the game. One is complete bullshit, the other one is actually true.

The bullshit: NO, this game does NOT force micro-transactions on you. It is absolutely playable and winnable without spending a single cent of real money in the store. I’m over 166 hours into the game by now and my character – Kassandra, of course – has reached level 67 without me buying nonsense in the shop. Yes, I did the grind and completed ALL side-missions. In fact, by now I’ve completed the main game with all its quests and also the first DLC, “Legacy of the First Blade” – which, by the way, was a gigantic surprise and its story was much better than the story of the main game and much more emotionally involving. I highly recommend playing that DLC. Now I’m in the first act of the second DLC and this one is also great thus far.

The one true complaint about the game: It’s ALMOST too big for its own good. This game is so huge and long, it sometimes feels like working a second job.

What I personally don’t like, as always, is the killing of animals. I tolerate it in this case because this is Ancient Greece we’re talking about, and the game doesn’t feel like it’s taking pleasure from it. It takes place roughly 2500 years ago, it’s a part of this world. And you can always try to avoid it in this game.

After all is said and done, and despite its flaws, ODYSSEY is a breathtakingly gorgeous masterpiece. Seeing the sun set over the sea, watching a whale jump out of the ocean next to your ship, strolling through a forest during a full moon or watching down on a village with all its lit fire places from the top of the mountain are moments you haven’t experienced like this before in a game, and they will always make you want to come back to the world of ODYSSEY.

ODYSSEY is the most beautiful rendering of Ancient Greece that you can possibly imagine, and it simply is one of the greatest games ever created.

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Jun 19 2020

The Last Of Us Part 2: A game I will never play

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I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre, but The Last Of Us: Remastered is a game I’ve only played once on different I have play online casino games 1000 of times, and I just found that at you can find very important info. But Why I have play The Last Of Us: Remastered  just one? Because it never felt right to me. The tone was too bleak, I never wanted to hunt animals, and truth be told, the game world was depressing and had nothing to offer that attracted me to spend more time in it than necessary. The Last Of Us: Remastered was a huge mood killer for me.

So, yes, I was already was very skeptical about the sequel when I first heard about it.

After having watched several game play videos and after having read over a dozen of reviews, I found this one sentence that sums up my own impression of everything I saw from The Last Of Us Part 2 quite nicely:

“I didn’t want to bash that lunging dog with a hammer or slice at that defenseless woman with a knife.”

That quote is from The Verge, if you want to look it up:

Another review also explicitly talked about the cruelty the game forces you to inflict not only on other humans, but especially on dogs.

I generally don’t have a problem with violence in video games, but I have a problem with games that force me to kill animals, and I have zero tolerance when a game wants me to kill animals in obscenely cruel ways. So this is going to be very simple for me: Fuck you, Naughty Dog. I will neither buy nor play this cruel monstrosity that you’ve created.

But I have a question for the team at Naughty Doc: You folks created one of the greatest games ever made, Uncharted 4, which has one of the most likeable video game characters of all time in it, Victor Sullivan.

What the hell has happened to you?


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