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Jul 09 2011

Announcing Endnacht

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A lot of things have been bothering me for a long time now, for several years, to be honest. And although deep down I always knew the answer, I never wanted to accept it.

I always wanted to be a writer, a movie director or somebody who created story-driven games, or better, interactive worlds.

I never wanted to be a day time programmer, writer of technical documentation, answerer of support tickets, network or systems admin, troubleshooter or listener to other people’s (technical) troubles.

Frankly speaking, I’ve completely lost the interest to spend time in my private life on learning more platforms and programming languages or building up new skills that no employer ever appreciated or paid me for.

So I decided to change a bunch of things and set a new course. I will no longer blog about IT related topics in my private time or post on related forums. Instead, after all those years of pause and procrastination, I will go back to writing fiction.

The current project is called Endnacht, and it is going to be something that I have wanted to write ever since I first saw George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead almost 30 years ago: Endnacht will be my first zombie novel.

I will bring a special website for this project online later this year,

Thanks to the Internet and Amazon, no-one needs publishers or book contracts anymore. Endnacht will be available as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle store as soon as it is finished.

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