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Feb 16 2010

Amazon Kindle Store

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I’ve submitted four of my older texts (in German) to the Amazon Kindle Store:

  • Zornkind
  • Heavy Metal
  • Der Flug des Phönix
  • Night Wind Sent

They’re currently being reviewed by Amazon, but I hope they’re going to be available for purchase and download soon.

If I find somebody to properly translate them to the English language, I will certainly also publish English editions. However, I do not want to translate them myself. If you’re a native English speaker with a good grip on the German language – and slang! – then please ping me.

There are also three yet-to-be-written-and-finished projects in the pipeline that might one day see the light of the Kindle store as well:

  • Germania (a novel that takes place in a fictitious Third Reich in an alternate historical reality)
  • Endnacht (a Zombie novel)
  • The Island of Dr Beaverstedt (this started as an idea for a platform computer game and should be suitable for kids, actually)

Endnacht will most likely appear before the two others. Germania is a way too ambitious endeavor to be touched by me at this point in time. Due to some extreme events in my private life that had pushed my out of my course, I haven’t written anything since 2002/2003. I had lost the energy for almost everything and emptiness crawled into my soul. Without any exaggeration, it was the darkest time in my life. I’m still disoriented and without focus in many regards, but I think that I’m finally winning the war against my personal emptiness. I have re-booted my life. Last year, I married the woman who simply is the best thing that has ever happened to me and who has proven herself to be the best partner that I could ever dream of. I’ve got a new job, car, house and two great dogs. I even have a bass guitar again. I’m sure that the rest will follow.

But when I go back to writing, I think it’s best for me to start with something that will be real fun to do instead of approaching something highly ambitious. And right now, a total Zombie apocalypse perfectly matches my general mood and my idea of fun. I wanted to write a zombie book since the 1980s, and I think it’s finally time for me to raise the living dead.

UPDATE: My first works have now appeared on the American Kindle Store and you can now search for my name on

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Dec 29 2009

Farewell, Z.

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I just read on his website that Z.A. Recht, the author of “Plague of the dead” and “Thunder and Ashes” has passed away earlier this month.

Like many others, I love his novels and was waiting for the last part of the trilogy. His family promised to publish the manuscript once they’re past the worst, so there’s hope that his completed work will live on even after his own death.

Still, this is a reminder how suddenly and unexpectedly life, which most of us seemingly take for granted and waste as if we had another one on stock somewhere, can be over and gone forever.

Zachary wrote his books as only a true genre fan could do it. He gave us, his readers, everything we could wish for in a zombie apocalypse, from a hospital morgue with a re-animating corpse to abandoned towns and tactical air strikes on infested capitols and a fistful of survivors fighting their way through a hostile, nightmarish landscape.

Thank you for the chills, Z. And farewell. You will be missed.

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