Jun 07 2017


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People who know me probably would never use my name and the word ‘meditation’ in one sentence. And even for myself, it would have sounded like a message from a parallel universe. Until a few months ago. In many different ways my wife has always been quietly leading by example but without directly influencing me in any way, including this specific aspect.

It has been obvious for me for a long time that if I want my life and my attitude towards life and my own goals, dreams, angers and frustrations to change for the better, this change can only come from within myself. The world around us is the way it is. We cannot change it directly. However, by changing our way of dealing with it, we can indirectly influence the way the world and the people in it respond to us. And even if those responses don’t change, we can definitely influence and change the way how we deal with them. We need to be our own agents of change.

This is not admitting defeat – it is about accepting yourself, then moving on and achieving a better state of being, becoming better a version of yourself, becoming the person you actually want to be.

Beginning this specific journey might be simple and obvious, but when you are not used to it, it might be more difficult than you think, because you need to be willing to go on a journey with yourself – without any of the pleasant distractions that keep you separated from yourself, without having somebody else tell you what you are supposed to do or what is right or wrong or what or who you should be.

Guided meditation and self hypnosis are wonderful tools to first and foremost spend time with yourself. They help you focus on yourself and allow you to lay seeds for your own development. It is not about someone else manipulating you and putting their ideas in your mind — think of it as a tour guide who knows the place and shows you around a bit and gives you subtle hints about places that you have not yet seen or visited. The actual choices in guided meditation, however, are all your own.

Michael Sealey has a very helpful channel on YouTube where he offers his collection of Guided Meditation and Self Hypnosis videos. I have tried meditation videos from other persons as well, but Michael Sealey is the one that works best for me and of whom I believe that he has no personal agenda and really produces these videos to help.

Below is a link to his beginner’s video “How to meditate in twelve minutes”. This video only hands you the basic relaxation techniques and gives you an impression of what you can expect from guided meditation and what it feels like. It takes a while to get used to mediation and to open yourself to it, and this video is a great start:

Michael Sealey’s YouTube channel can be found here:


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