Oct 11 2020

Time To Hunt (Sanyangeui sigan)

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The more I watch Korean cinema, the more I love it. “Parasite” might have won several Oscars, and it certainly is a movie that represents everything that movies are all about, but there is so much more to discover when you begin watching Korean motion pictures.

“Time To Hunt” – on Netflix! – is such a movie that took me to a place I’ve missed so much for such a long time.

Many of its scenes contain homages to the works of George Romero, John Carpenter and several others of the old movie gods that I grew up with. Just wait for the “hospital” and the “safe house” segments later in the movie. Or the abandoned buildings in the final showdown. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you’ve watched Romero’s and Carpenter’s films.

Here’s the link to the movie’s IMDB page:


Believe me: Its ratings are significantly underrated there.

As always, watch it in the original language. Even though my native language is German, I’ve watched it with English subtitles – most of the time the English localization is better than the German one.

I will most certainly watch out for more movies from director/writer Sung-hyun Yoon, that’s for sure.

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