Aug 30 2023

The best games of the last few years… are mostly old games

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It’s quite obvious that the gaming industry nowadays mostly sucks. There hasn’t been one AAA production recently that’s worth remembering.

The last AAA game that I really, really loved was AC ODYSSEY (and that because of the Odyssey part in the name; I couldn’t care less for the totally unnecessary AC parts in the game). But the game was so big, I cannot go back to it and replay it. I spent over 200 hours in that world.

Other than AC ODYSSEY (2018), only UNCHARTED 4 (2016) and GEARS 5 (2019) stuck in my memory. That’s how pathetic the AAA gaming industry has become.

As for 2023… The best release this year so far was the QUAKE II remaster. There you have it. A 25 year old game is the best new release of 2023 in my book. They did everything right with this one: It runs like a dream, it plays awesome on all devices where I have it, it has great atmosphere, no fucking woke message, and it’s just fun to play.

Other great new games this year were the indie games DREDGE and SIGNALIS. At least they were so good that I have not forgotten their names – most titles this year were not so fortunate, I must say.

THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL was a gigantic piece of garbage – awesome graphics, but a super shitty, non-fun game.

DEAD ISLAND 2 and DYING LIGHT 2 also greatly disappointed. I actually rather replayed the original DEAD ISLAND and DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE and the first DYING LIGHT this year than spending any more time with their sequels. And let’s not even talk about the annoying characters in DEAD ISLAND 2 that completely kill the game.

I’m afraid The ALAN WAKE remaster and DEAD SPACE remake didn’t get me hooked either. While the new DEAD SPACE might look better than the original game, the new character models and the modified script just feel wrong. The ALAN WAKE remaster also suffers from the changed character models and the atmosphere in the original game felt much better – and darker; which is what that game is supposed to feel like.

The reality somehow is that I am replaying old Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on my two Xbox Series consoles instead of playing new titles – the new stuff just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. A few weeks ago, I replayed the entire GEARS OF WAR franchise… Only to start with GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION again after I had finished GEARS 5. Playing Marcus Fenix never gets old and the first entry in the GEARS saga is still plain and simple awesome: It oozes atmosphere and just works.

Nowadays game developers seem to believe that instead of creating interesting worlds, stories, characters and gameplay mechanics, modern games are just a vehicle to deliver a woke message and squeeze money of their players – not to mention that’s now normal that AAA titles are released as technically broken trash.

Older titles like GEARS OF WAR, however, just provide the escape games are supposed to give the player. That difference is why new games are only annoying and suck and why old games are still fun even afterall those years. It’s a great thing that Xbox treats backwards compatibility as a first class citizen.

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