Aug 03 2008

Daily life with “ze boyz” and their friends

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I wouldn’t really label this as photography, but in order to build a solid background for my insanity plea, I thought it would help to upload some photos of the daily life at our home. And this is what it really looks like.

Watching old German Sci-Fi Operas


Thing – yes, this hand really walks!


With Tim Drums


Tim Drums, Wopoohpooh and ze boyz with Steaky, Mozy and Porry


Although this bed is 2.80 meters wide, it’s sometimes not big enough for all the personalities on it

IMGP4586 - Version 2.jpg

ze Boyz and their pets

(Hercule with Porry, Darce with Mozy and Pardi with Steaky)

IMGP4587 - Version 2.jpg

Darce and Pardi discover an iMac G4

IMGP0928.JPG - Version 2.jpg




Look, look… The little one is installing Unreal Tournament 2004 on his notebook!


There is a new R2 unit in our home

IMGP0611.JPG - Version 2.jpg

Last year’s christmas card


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