Jan 16 2024

When to use a sledgehammer

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And I can’t live in a fairytale of lies

And I can’t hide from the feeling ’cause it’s right

And I go faster and faster and faster and faster for love

Within Temptation, Faster


There are these moments when you feel very clearly that you should use a sledgehammer to tear down whatever is left of your life. At least then there wouldn’t be anymore confusion, no more unjustified hopes, no more chaos. You would know that you have reached ground zero and that there is only one thing left to do:



From scratch.

Today is one of those days where every cell in my body and every fragment of a thought screams for a complete restart.

Let it all go.

Leave it all behind.

Move forward.

Fire up that engine.

Feel it come to life.

Feel it vibrate.

Put your wheels in motion.

Hear the exhaust pipes roar.

Feel and smell the pumping and burning of gasoline.

Let the acceleration press you into your seat.

Feel the raw power.

See the streets fly by.

Be a wolf on the prowl.

Chase through the night.

Feel alive again.

Feel free again.


Just move.

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