Jan 19 2024

The daily differences in life for an INFJ Sigma

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People live on social media.

I don’t.

People use dating apps to look for potential new partners.

I don’t.

Partners are collected and treated like trophies.

I can only accept a partner with whom

I have a truly deep connection.

People follow mainstream beliefs and trends.

I don’t.

Mass media and social media tell them what they are supposed want next.

I know that I need less of everything

if I want to be free.

People need rules and norms.

I have my own values and beliefs that guide me,

and I question arbitrary rules.

People feel safe in numbers and in “me too” approaches to everything.

I don’t. I carve my own way.

Promises are overrated.

My word is my bond.

If I don’t honor my word, I am nothing.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

I wonder what I did wrong

and could have done better.

Self-reflection is overrated.

I overthink and constantly analyze myself.

Everybody was born as a unique, perfect snowflake.

I analyze my mistakes and failures,

learn from them, improve myself and grow.

Everybody is entitled to everything.

The only things in life

that are worth anything

cost hard work, self-improvement

and pose challenges to overcome.

Tomorrow, they wake up wanting more,

and no-one and nothing can satisfy that greed.

Tomorrow, I wake up as a

slightly better version of who I was today,

because I spent time today

reflecting upon what sucks about me

and how I can fix it.


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