Jan 21 2024

The needlessness of a living room

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I could also name this post “how little space do you need as a single working from home?”

When I’m not on a walk or a drive or cooking or baking something, I spend my waking hours working on something, either on stuff thrown at me by my regular job or I work on my own things, mostly writing at this point. Things that I watch, music videos or other content that interests me, I usually also consume at my desk. I use 55″ screens with my computers for a reason. And yes, the Xbox and Switch, although I haven’t used either of them in months, are also hooked up to the big screen. I even drink my beer and Bourbon here. (I might take my drink with me to bed and then watch or listen to some stuff on my notebook.)

What I never use is the stuff in the space in my house that is reserved for the “living room”. I just don’t have that kind of work-life balance that everybody is talking about. I don’t even understand the concept. That shit is my life.

I’m an INFJ Sigma – my brain is constantly busy, my synapses are always firing, I’m always processing something and I usually either need something that helps me numb my emotions and thoughts down or I need to be near the tools that help me deal with it and express myself.

I also almost never have guests in my personal space. I prefer neutral meeting places for that: Bars, restaurants. If you visit me at home, I’ll give you a nice cocktail chair and you can get comfortable in my actual realm: Near my equipment. After all, you want to visit me, and that is my natural habitat. If you prefer something else, maybe I like you enough to take you on a ride with me. She can also occupy the bed (I don’t even mean that in a sexual way; she can use it as a couch, spread her belongings there, do whatever she wants to do) – but only the one special woman in my life ever has that privilege.

But I really don’t know why I pretend to have a living room. It’s a waste of space, and that remnant from my last conventional relationship has begun to annoy me. I don’t need it. I don’t want it. It’s gonna go.

UPDATE 2024-01-21 21:42: Done. Change implemented.

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