How people measure your 100 percent

This is a lesson that I have learned many, many years ago the hard way and that I have tried to pass on to others ever since.

Your 100 percent performance will always be measured against how much you are giving and what you are doing for people when you begin interacting with them. It does not matter whether this is at work or in your private life.

Here is the rub: Even if you do three times as much for someone as anybody else would ever do – this will be your individual 100 percent in that person’s eyes. They won’t compare you to the others that give less than you.

Once you can no longer give what factually would be 300 percent, for the person judging you, you dropped below the 100 percent mark and their attitude and behavior towards you will change very quickly because you are no longer giving them what they are used to.

When you keep giving and supporting over a long time, it usually does not make people grateful and appreciative of your efforts. Unfortunately, most of the time it only makes them feel entitled. Only few will make the effort to ask what caused the change and even fewer will attempt to return the favor and ask you if they now can help you, because the tides might have turned, things might have happened and now you might be in need of someone’s help and support.

Always be kind, helpful and supportive and always do your best. But you must protect yourself and be careful and selective whom you give your all.