Feb 05 2024

Persona Non Grata

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The soundtrack for this piece is Get In The Ring by Amon Amarth.


A great thing about quitting a job is that everybody around you will quickly show their true colors.

A company will never be loyal to its employees and, in logical conclusion, no employee should ever be loyal to a company. In best case, a company will just let you go in peace. In not so nice cases, legal threats and other ugliness might be thrown at you before you head for the door.

Never be intimidated.

Stand your ground.

Let your energy, voice, eyes and posture

show that you are prepared to fight till the end.

That is how you avoid further conflict.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

As for your former colleagues or customers that you have worked with: A few might stay loyal to you. Honor and value those people and your relationships with them.

But for most, you will become a persona non grata right away – an “unwelcome, unacceptable person”. They’ll cut communication and no longer speak with you, plain and simple. Or they start talking badly about you behind your back. Either because you have outlived your usefulness for them or because they are disgruntled that you had the balls to move on while they are still stuck in a place and job they hate, but don’t have the drive, energy or courage to get out of the situation that makes them miserable.

At least now you know where you stand and what you only have been for them throughout the whole time. It hurts, but it’s not worth your energy or any effort from your side. Respond as a Kangal would:

Turn cold.

Without saying a word let them go.

They never deserved you in the first place.

Move on.

By stepping out of that place, you opened a new chapter in your life. Focus on that instead of the past. People will always think about you whatever it is they want to think. They will always see you in the way they want to. You cannot change that. The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. Just go on with your life and do whatever is best for you.

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