Jan 10 2010

District 9

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An alien vessel chooses to get stranded over Johannesburg, South Africa. Of all the places. And generous and hospitable as the South African government is, they build a slum called District 9 for their alien visitors and treat them in the most racist way fathomable. Now a technological superior alien race with weapons so advanced that it is not even funny anymore (and which they trade for cans of cat food!) let themselves be treated like vermin from every human on the screen in this movie. And, of course, for twenty years, they fail to get back to their mothership which is still hovering over District 9, waiting for… well, what exactly?

Sorry, but in my not so modest opinion, absolutely nothing in the setup of this movie makes any sense at all. Especially since this movie is not meant to be a comedy, otherwise trading in mech warrior style armory against 100 cans of cheap cat food might be worth a laugh, but in this movie, it is not.

So we have a movie with zero plausibility, but the strangest thing about District 9 is that it is still an enjoyable movie to watch. Nothing makes any sense in this flick, but since it was produced by Peter Lord of the Special Effects Jackson himself, it has outstanding CGI and all the action that you expect from a blockbuster production.

Just don’t even think about the plot or storyline for a single second. It will spoil your day.

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