Jan 16 2010


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I’m not getting paid to write movie reviews or summaries, and I do not see a need to write a summary of my own when you can simply look one up on IMDB or Amazon. But my very brief summary of this movie would be Alien meets The Descent, with a little salt from Sunrise. Not a bad mix, actually, and the result is a movie that I quite like.

A dark, almost powerless space ship. The main character awakes from cryo sleep with memory losses. Of course, something is terribly wrong. The reactor is malfunctioning and about to permanently shut down. And something is on the vessel that shouldn’t be there. And it’s hungry.

Almost one of my most favorite horror movie setups. Pandorum is not ruining it, but it could have been darker and more atmospheric. It could have been more horror. It could have been more sci-fi. It could have had more story, more gore, more blood, more action, more of everything, that’s all true. It’s one of those typical main stream movie compromises that we see so often, and it misses the originality and authenticity of indy productions. However, Pandorum is still an enjoyable movie and well worth watching, especially when you’re a genre fan.

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