Apr 23 2010

Aperture 3

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I’ve just finished my first real session with Aperture 3. It’s running as a 64-Bit app on the 64-Bit Snow Leopard kernel.

What can I say? Aperture 3 is buggy like hell, and it even caused a kernel panic while I was browsing RAW images.

Browsing is something that Aperture 2 could do much better than Aperture 3 – it only paused for a fracture of a second when it needed to organize the system’s memory, but then just went on. Aperture 3 shows something that I would call hiccups. It needs to manage its memory, but when you press a cursor button during the pause, it gets into trouble with the queued events and shows a wild picture slide show.

The crop tool used to work in Aperture 2. In Aperture 3, it has become a buggy piece of crap — it always loses the pre-set aspect ratios when you move one of the marker’s boxes. This should only happen when I do not want to use a predefined aspect ratio. But Aperture 3 seems to randomly make that decision for me. I find that extraordinarily annoying.

And then, while I was browsing through RAWs, it fired a kernel panic.

I don’t know what it is with Apple and Aperture. It appears as if Aperture does not receive any QA testing at all. Aperture 2 was buggy when it was released, and Aperture 1 probably was the slowest application available for the Mac back in the day. Apple usually addressed all those issues with a series of updates, but it always took them months to make the software really usable.

As an Aperture user since version 1.0, I am used to this, but I cannot say that I like getting “banana software” from Cuptertino.

Aperture should receive more love from Apple. And better testing.

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