Me, myself and I

Companions whom I loved, and still do love;

Tell them, my song.”

– Michael Crichton, Timeline

My full name is Winfried Edmund Stephan Maus and I was born in 1970. I am a native German and Europe is my home. I am a writer at heart.

As far as labels and cataloged personality archetypes go, according to a Myers-Briggs test that I took I am an INFJ (“Introverted, Feeling, Judging”) personality type. INFJs are known to be reserved, sensitive, idealistic, highly artistic and creative – and stubborn and can have overly high expectations.

In the realm of the nowadays quite popular “wolf pack” archetypes, related tests that I took confirmed that I am a so-called Sigma male, a person that prefers to walk alone outside of societal hierarchies and norms, always carving his own path.

In a test specifically developed to determine Carl Jungian personality archetypes, I fully – 30 out of 30 – matched what Carl Jung categorized as The Warrior, who is driven by “will, discipline, focus, courage – the warrior asserts his will to live, survive and to move forward; he fights for other people and the well-being of the whole; he wants to bring productive change to the world.”

Very closely behind – both with 29 out of 30 – came The Seeker, who is “defined by individualism and an insatiable desire for adventure and discovery, rejects traditional rules, willing to take risks and to step out his comfort zone” and The Sage (wisdom, knowledge and power).

So, in summary, it seems that I am allowed to put a rather amusing sounding INFJ Ʃ Warrior label on myself. Putting the amusing aspects aside, the objective truth remains that I actually match all the traits associated with those personality archetypes – you very much get what it says on the label, plus a few personal extras.