(Picture taken inside the Regierungsbunker, Mayschoß.)

I wrote my first line of code in 1982 on a Casio PB100 in BASIC. I wrote a book on parser programming in Pascal in the year I finished Gymnasium/High School. In my last job, I used Lua on a daily basis and even gave Lua trainings.

The downloads below were hobby projects of mine which I have abandoned in the meanwhile and they come with no warranty or support whatsoever. Follow the instructions (if there are any), respect the licenses and hopefully you will have some fun with the stuff or find some use for it.

BlitzMax thread class module

A thread class for BlitzMax.

This BlitzMax module contains an (abstract) class for OOP-style multithreading and multi-threading/multi-processing related helper functions. Since I’ve given up on BlitzMax and the language’s creator has also abandoned it, there won’t be any further development of this module. (BSD license.)


This is a multi-threading sample for BlitzMax. See this article for the source code. (BSD license.)

Application bundle for Mac OS X/Intel.

Application bundle for Mac OS X/PPC.

Executable for Windows.

Digital Nomad NNTP Server

A multi-threaded News server written in C#. I wrote it a couple of years ago to get familiar with the C# language. Some day, this project will hopefully be reborn in a new form on a new platform in a new language. (GPL.)

Digital Nomad for Mono/MySQL
(C# Source Code only, compatible with OS X.)

Digital Nomad for Windows
(Installer bundled with MSDE 2000, Windows only. This was created in Windows XP times and it probably won’t run on current versions of Windows, but I won’t be investing time in this build anymore to fix or update it.)