The status of this blog

I removed dozens of entries that I had written over the last year from the blog. Some were simply too personal, others have found a new purpose. Those posts are not really gone but will re-appear in updated/re-written versions either as YouTube videos or in  my current book project:

At the current count, we’re talking about roughly 170 book pages here.

So there is some content loss on this page,  but the blog itself is now back online.

A few of the super-short blog entries (or their key sentences), I re-posted on Twitter/X.

Here are two of the removed blog posts that were reincarnated as YouTube experiments (and that will also become part of respective chapters in my current book project):

The first two videos were edited with CapCut.

This was my first edit with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Metallica Live in CPH on June 16, 2024

My ticket for Metallica on June 16, 2024 in Copenhagen is in the house.

The hotel and the flight are booked and confirmed.

“So let it be writtenSo let it be doneI’m sent here by the chosen one”

-Metallica, Creeping Death

Yeah. It’s gonna be fucking, bloody awesome! 😁