Arch Enemy… on Halloween!

Yeah, just for the record: I have “Meet & Greet” for Arch Enemy on Oct 31 in Malmö.

And yeah, I have zero doubt that it will be fucking bloody awesome to meet Alissa White-Gluz and her band in person. 🙂


Never forget that you might be dead tomorrow

Our time on this plane of existence is limited. You can never know when it is about to end. You might be dead tomorrow.

Always remember this when you make an investment or a purchase decision.

You might hear this nagging voice in your mind that warns you of spending money and that wants you to save something “for the bad times”. Those bad times might never come, but money can always be re-earned.

It certainly is always a good idea to have financial reserves when something unexpected hits you (like a broken car, for examples), but you must find a balance between your fears and your zest for life. Don’t let your fears control you, but also don’t let your greed get the better of you.

The time that you are wasting on holding yourself back because you are expecting something that might never come is time that you will never get back. And in the meantime, you might significantly decrease the quality of your life by not materializing a dream of yours and by not being able to work on a personal project because you did not dare to spend money on the needed equipment for that project.

You need to pursue your dreams now – not tomorrow, not next year. And since we’re talking about pursuing dreams, there just never will be a financially good time for investing into those. So just do it.

But let’s also be clear about one thing here: I am not promoting mindless spending of money or irresponsible burning of ressources. You need to have your priorities straight, and you need to be responsible. Never go into debt for anything and do not endanger your existence with your spending habits – it’s better to have food in your fridge than toys on your desk or in your garage or in your basement. It’s also better to have electricity and functioning heating, especially in the winter, than buying that latest gadget just because you fell for the marketing hype.

Which leads me to the next point: There is a huge difference between buying, let’s say, a Playstation console and a new 4K TV or an actual tool and other equipment that you need to create or build something for a hobby, realizing a dream, or for a personal project that maybe only you understand or see value in.

The console and TV are something that will only help you waste your time, hence they are totally unnecessary. (Unless you put the console in developer mode and you are actually working on a game for that platform, okay, that would be a different story – but in that case it would be a tool, not a time waster.)

The tool and equipment, even if you “only” use them for your hobbies, can be means to express yourself, and that already is enough value and sufficient justification for the expenses in itself. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that owning a tool already will do all the hard work for you and turn you into an artist or professional – Apple’s marketing division turned this kind of false advertising into a science. Really: Don’t buy into that illusion. Sophisticated tools and equipment come with steep learning curves and they will require a lot of your time for learning how to use and wield them. That’s totally okay and part of the whole process – just be prepared for it. And it’s all the more reason to invest now instead of later.