(The Russian Space Shuttle Buran on her way to the Technikmuseum Speyer. The picture was taken with a Pentax *istDS and a 55-200mm lens from the rooftop of the United Nations tower in Bonn. We had poor weather conditions on that day. The writing on the tram says Hello, Future.)

Hiring me

In my career, some of my job titles were Head of IT,  Manager IT, Senior Consulting Engineer, Software Developer and Technical Writer, so I know a thing or two about getting complex IT projects done.

You can drop me with a parachute over the Siberian Tundra and when you come back a month later, I will have built a data center with the scrap metal that I’ve found on the ground.

My heart beats for the written word, though, and this is what I focus on: Technical, non-fictional and fictional writing.

Contact me via eMail or through LinkedIn if you want to offer me a job.

My professional background

I am as much an IT generalist as it gets and while I am passionate about technical writing, programming languages and operating systems, I am not specialized in a specific area.

I am mostly self-taught – including the theoretical foundations and protocol specifications that most people usually prefer to skip. Life happened quite a bit to me, which is the reason why I do not have a college or university degree. 

I finished an Application Developer training at the Bonner Akademie (owned by Deutsche Bank Insurance Group).

I have a couple of certificates from Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) over Mikrotik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) to the United Nations Language Proficiency Certificate (LPE) in English.

But much more importantly than that, I have a lot of professional experience in international environments and I have learned how to communicate well with people of all sorts of background who have different stakes in the respective project.

I understand the big picture and how things work and interact with each other.

I am used to constantly delving into the unknown and learning new things fast while still providing feasible solutions on time and on budget.

Previous roles, positions and job titles

Visit my public Linkedin page for a more detailed professional CV.

I have worked as a Technical Writer and Technical Editor (German and English), as a Software Developer, as a System Administrator, Systems Analyst and also as a Systems Developer.

I’ve also worked as the Manager of a small IT department with hundreds of virtual machines and a few data center technicians in my responsibility.

Later I became the Head of IT at an internationally renowned research institute and had a larger team, a much larger environment and a respectable budget in my responsibility.

The HR-related parts of management come with a lot of unpleasant legal and human factors. After seven years and two managerial positions, I was no longer willing to invest into that career path and decided to leave management behind and to go fully back to technology instead.

Technical skills

I have learned several programming languages in my life, including but not limited to:

    • Various BASIC and Pascal dialects
    • 6502 Assembler
    • COBOL
    • Xbase++
    • ActionScript
    • C#
    • C
    • BlitzMax
    • Python
    • Go
    • Lua

I can master more than just one brand of operating systems:

    • IBM MVS (including JCL and ISPF)
    • IBM OS/2 Warp
    • MS-DOS
    • FreeBSD
    • Ubuntu Linux (Client and Server)
    • macOS
    • Windows (Client and Server)

Of course, I also know a few virtualization platforms:

    • VMware vSphere Essentials Plus
    • VMware ESXi
    • ProxMox
    • Oracle Virtualbox
    • Parallels Desktop
    • VMware Fusion & VMware Workstation Pro
    • Hyper-V (Desktop)

I have worked with the following storage systems:

    • Dell EqualLogic
    • NAS4Free

I have worked with those networking operating systems on ISP level:

    • Cisco IOS
    • Juniper Junos
    • Mikrotik RouterOS

Accordingly, I also have worked with these protocols quite a bit:

    • TCP/IPv4
    • DNS
    • BGP
    • OSPF
    • SNMP
    • NNTP (on Software Development level, client & server side)
    • IRC (on Software Development level, client side)
    • SMTP
    • POP3
    • IMAP4

I know a thing or two about the Inmation middleware, its integrated programming language Lua, and the surrounding protocols:

    • OPC
    • OPC UA
    • Modbus
    • MQTT
    • Kafka

I have worked with the following SQL and NoSQL database systems and engines in my career:

    • Pervasive Btrieve
    • IBM DB2
    • dBase
    • FoxPro
    • ADSDBE
    • MySQL
    • Mongodb

These server-side applications and services I have also used regularly:

    • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
    • Cacti with Network Weathermaps
    • BIND9
    • WordPress
    • hMailServer
    • Mosquitto

Creative tools that I’m using (and still learning):

    • Steinberg Cubase Pro
    • Ableton Live Standard
    • Reason Studios Reason
    • Jam Origin MIDI Bass
    • Akai MPC Beats
    • Steinberg Wavelab Elements
    • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio
    • ON1 Photo RAW 2024
    • Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Premiere Elements
    • Shotcut
    • Audacity
    • Literature & Latte Scrivener
    • Literature & Latte Scapple

Strategic, tactical and soft skills

I can build systems exclusively using Free and Open Source Software, but I do not base my design choices on ideological aspects. I always choose what I think is the best tool for the job at hand and I make sure that all selected components work well with each other.

I am very good at planning and installing heterogeneous system and network environments of respectable sizes, trouble shooting and problem solving.

Although I am very technical, I have also developed sophisticated soft skills and can deal with all kinds of people. My strongest assets are that I have a lot of patience with my clients and that I am empathetic and sense emotional nuances and react appropriately to them.

I have not only worked in my home country, Germany, but also in the United States of America, Spain and the most international of all organizations: The United Nations.

I like solving technical problems and building things. I also very much enjoy giving trainings and mentoring people. I can manage and lead teams and projects, but I can also work fully independently.

What I love most is writing and working with audio and video.

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