(The Russian Space Shuttle Buran on her way to the Technikmuseum Speyer. The picture was taken with a Pentax *istDS and a 55-200mm lens from the rooftop of the United Nations tower in Bonn. We had poor weather conditions on that day. The writing on the tram says Hello, Future.)

Freelance writer and content creator

In my career, some of my job titles were Head of IT,  Manager IT, Senior Consulting Engineer, Software Developer and Technical Writer, so I know a thing or two about getting complex IT projects done – either with a team, leading a team or all on my own.

You can drop me with a parachute over the Siberian Tundra and when you come back a month later, I will have built a data center with the scrap metal that I’ve found on the ground.

But my true passion has always lain elsewhere: My heart beats for the written word. Recently, my professional focus has shifted to freelance technical, non-fictional, and fictional writing (in both German and English) as well as content creation (including educational and training videos)

I am fully booked with long-term assignments and do not accept any additional contracts.