(Canis lupus lycaon. This is the 17 years old alpha wolf and leader of the timberwolf pack at the Adler- und Wolfspark Kasselburg, Germany.)

Color Vision Deficiency

I have no ambition to be a full-time photographer or to even reach a semi-professional level. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t: Like many males, my eyes have a red-green weakness, also known as deuteranopia. If you want to hide a red ball and make it impossible for me to ever find it: Just drop it on your lawn. It will then completely disappear from my vision.

I love photography, though, especially monochromes. (Who would have guessed that a guy with red-green weakness prefers monochromes…?)

Brand loyalty

My first real camera was a Pentax K1000 which I bought used in Grand Junction, Colorado, back in 1999. (I cannot recall, though, if I bought it from Bob’s Camera or from Monument Camera. Sorry.) There were no DSLRs back then. This was a pure analog camera that still used film. Also, there was absolutely no supporting electronics in that camera. The only thing the camera had was an analog light meter, so you would at least have a bit of an idea if your picture would become too bright or too dark. However, cameras like this one were recommended by American colleges for their arts/photography students – at that time, students were not allowed to have cameras with automatic features and helpers. They idea was to learn how to do photography. In that summer in Colorado, I spent a small fortune on buying films and having them developed at the local mall.

Also, since that summer in GJ, I’m loyal to the Pentax brand – this is how much I loved using the good old K1000.

My first real DSLR was, of course, another Pentax – the *istDS with 6 Megapixels. With that Pentax, I began learning something about RAW photography.

I recently bought a full-frame sensor Pentax K-1 Mark II with a Pentax DA 55-300 lens to get started.



The Pentax can also do video recording, which led me to buying a RØDE VideoMicro II for her. Since the best camera is the one you have with you, and I only take my Pentax outside on planned photo shooting trips, I also record videos and take pictures with my smartphone, an affordable Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro.

I still know nothing about this Pentax beast and have loads to learn. But I enjoyed the hell out of taking her on a first excursion, photographing wolves.

(I intentionally use she and her for all my equipment, just like a ship is also always female.)