“Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning.”

– James Tiberius Kirk, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

(My GT86 on the day it got its license plates.)

It’s not about the car. As much as I love some automobiles and what they stand for, I’m not the kind of guy who washes his car every five minutes and I don’t worship any car. It’s about what the car does for me when I drive it, how it makes me feel.

From my biological father, I inherited his mechanic and truck driver genes: Driving is important to me and in that cockpit, I feel free and alive and in balance with myself.

It’s great to just listen to the sound and feeling the vibration of the engine when my GT86 and I are running down the Autobahn. But my car is also the place where I can enjoy loud music and be with myself, feel myself. Driving and listening to my personal favorites helps me dream, think and plan.

My playlist for road trips

I have my full music collection on a USB stick in the car. But I like to focus on what for me are some of the best songs to listen to when I’m on the road with my car, so I have a playlist called ROADTRIP on that stick.

I put a few of the songs that I frequently listen to on a (not very well sorted) YouTube playlist under the same name: