When it comes to food, I live in Central Europe and have the luxury of choice. I have chosen to become a vegetarian because I can no longer look into the eyes of an animal and then later see meat on my plate and enjoy eating it; I lost the luxury of the mental disconnect that most people seem to have when it comes to the food on their plates and the sentient living creatures that are this food.

I am also borderline vegan. Cheese is the last thing that’s holding me back from going fully vegan. At the same time, cheese cake is, and has always been, my absolute favorite, and that is traditionally not a vegetarian type of cake.

At the end of 2023, I took the plunge and successfully learned to bake a traditional cheese cake (with eggs and all).

Then I gave a “no-bake cheese cake” a try, and that one also turned out very well – and trust me, I am very critical when it comes to my favorite type of cake.

But a few months ago, thanks to a recipe from Bianca Zapatka, I’ve learned how to bake a mean vegan cheesecake:

This is not the kind of cake you want to bake when you’re on a budget – the vegan ingredients, especially the vegan cream cheese substitutes, are quite expensive compared to their “regular” non-vegan siblings.

But… It’s worth it. The thing tastes great once it’s done!