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Dec 04 2010

You should help

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Before you buy yourself a new toy for Christmas or spend your money on other useless stuff, you should think about the good that you can do with your money.

When I see how some people treat animals, it is hard for me to not hate my own species. I believe that abused and abandoned animals need your money more than international mega-corporations selling shiny toys, clothes, perfume or other luxury goods. It should also make you feel better to know that you have done something useful with your money instead of just feeding your own greed and boredom of which we people living in the industrialized nations all suffer.

If you cannot adopt an animal and if you do not want to give away money, then at least buy some dog or cat food and give it to one of the many organizations that try to help. There should be one very close to where you live. While you think about buying your next iGadget, those organizations are always in need of the most basic stuff and they might have to put another animal to sleep just because they ran out of space.

Thinking about it, you should also seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. Just look at how barbaric our meat processing factories are and you shouldn’t be lusting for steaks or chicken wings anymore. But it’s not only for ethical reasons that you should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, there are also some pure economic reasons involved: It’s technically impossible to feed the world population with meat, plain and simple. Some brilliant minds have filled books with that topic, you might want to read up on it and adjust your world view.

I could link to extremely horrible photographs of what I am talking about, but I don’t want to cause you nightmares about the reality we live in. But I do want to leave you with a bad conscience the next time you spend your money on something that you do not really need, but just want out of the greed to possess something new:

You can always help a creature in distress.

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Jun 02 2010

Doggie Happiness

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Doggie happiness. Enough said.

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