Dec 19 2008


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Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent, created one of the best genre homages of the last years with Doomsday. As he said so himself, this movie is a tribute to classics like Escape from New York, Mad Max and The Warriors. I’d add a few more movie references to the list, but where’s the fun when I tell you everything upfront?

Let’s just say that Doomsday has a heroine named Major Eden Sinclair (a female version of Snake Plissken, if you want so) at its core who is sent into the world behind “the wall” to locate a scientist who might have the cure for the virus that has returned to kill the world’s population. The wall we’re talking about was built 25 years ago to contain the virus in what was once known as Scotland, and the entire population of Scotland was left behind to just die from the virus. Naturally, that plan didn’t work out. A new infection is spreading through London and the government now needs to find out whether the survivors in the quarantine zone have found a cure. So they send a small team in that does not have the first idea of the hell that is waiting for them in the zone.

The end titles are still running while I’m typing this, and I still feel a bit high from the film. Is there a better indicator for a great movie? No, I don’t think so. I already love this film and I’m sure it will see a lot of (background) re-runs in the years to come.

Just watch it for yourself.

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